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Ecotan leather

Our most sustainable article. We care about our planet, and that's why our I+D department is constantly working on developing new ways of tanning, using less environmental resources and the best chemicals that exist. 

Is a classic nappa leather with incredible touch and great colorfastness, perfect for both clothing and leather goods. Our Ecotan article is especially sustainable for different reasons. During the tanning process, we have great savings in energy and natural resources.

Is an article with the fewest metal components since, in addition to being chrome free, it is also free of aldehydes, titanium, aluminum, zirconium, etc. and it is produced with AOX-free products (toxic).


For all these reasons, we were awarded at Première Vision in 2018 for the most Sustainable skin of the entire edition. We have it in classic nappa or in a crispy nappa. 

In 2018, the grand jury of Premiere Vision gave us the Smart Creation Prize for the most creative responsible leather of the season.

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